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Application deadline : November 30th, 2023

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July 5-6-7, 2024

The Festival
The Venue
Application guidelines
The Festival

 About the Festival: 

The International Choreographic Festival of Blois (Blois Danse) will take place in Blois, France, from July 4th to 13th, 2024.

The Festival aims to bring the art of dance to the city of Blois, France and to democratize this art form by offering performances, dance short-film screenings, master classes, performance workshops and community outreach events.

The professional performances will take place on July 5-6-7, 2024.

The previous editions of the festival received a tremendous success and this new edition is strongly awaited by many people. 

This festival is a platform for companies (both emerging and established) to produce their work and network with other international artists and potential supporters and programmers. 

The goal of this festival is:

1. to offer professional and high quality dance performances and other dance events to the citizens of Blois, the Loir-et-Cher and the Region Centre Val-de-Loire.

2. to enable foreign professional dance companies to perform in France in an historical and renowned theatre 

3. to present a wide range of dance styles and to democratize this art form by introducing the audiences to these styles

 Opportunities and exposure for companies : 

Great exposure & media coverage for the companies invited to perform. Previous editions included press/TV and radio coverage

Theatre programmers/producers are invited to attend the show, which we hope can lead to further opportunities for the companies

Gala evening organized with sponsors, politics, press and theatre programmers, which offers an opportunity for companies to network

Each company has the opportunity to teach up to 2 master classes in the technique of its choice during the festival and will receive 50% of the revenue created from the master classes


Only 6 companies are selected to perform. This assures great visibility to each company. Companies can rely on the staff and volunteers to help organize their trip to France and to make the best of their participation in the festival (for example with logistic support, translation or any question the companies may have before/during/after the festival). We're here for you ! 


Each company taking part in the festival receives :

  • 200€/dancer

  • up to 100€/dancer to support travelling costs

  • Hotel + breakfasts for all dancers

  • Pictures from the performances 

  • Press coverage (previous editions of the festival included written press/TV/Radio)

  • Gala evening with sponsors, press and politics, theatre programmers

  • Free pass to attend festival events

  • Opportunity to teach 2 master classes 

The Venue

Performances will be presented on July 5-6-7, 2024 at the most prestigious theatre of the city of Blois : la Halle aux Grains

Located in the heart of the city, la Halle aux Grains is a magnificent historical theatre with a large stage and a great number of seats.

  • 630 seats
  • Stage : 195 m2 
  • Renowned national theatre
  • Located in the heart of the city
  • 3 technicians
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Application guidelines
App gudeines

The festival is looking for 6 dance companies to present their work at the festival.

All dance techniques are welcome. Both emerging and established companies/choreographers can apply. 

3 different shows will be presented. The program of the performances will be different each day and companies will have the opportunity to perform at 2 shows and present pieces no longer than 25 minutes.

​We ask each company to perform a different piece at each show (you will show 2 different pieces during the festival)

==> Companies/artists MUST apply with a minimum of 2 pieces.
==> Please note that the maximum duration of each piece is 25 minutes. We will not take longer pieces into consideration.
==> Pieces must be suitable for all audiences (no nudity)
==> Maximum of 4 dancers per company

5 dance companies will be selected by the Festival team and 1 company will be selected by the audience, through a voting process on instagram.

 apply here : 

Application deadline : November 30th, 2023


Provisional schedule below. Schedule is subject to change based on the length of the pieces that will be presented at the festival

We ask the companies to arrive either Tuesday July 2nd or Wednesday July 3rd.

All companies check out on Monday July 8th.


Performance #3


Short-film screening #1


Tech & dress rehearsals for all companies performing on that day

10h-12h : company 3

12h-15h : company 4

15h-18h : company 5

Rehearsals on stage

Wednesday 03/07
Thursday 04/07
Friday 05/07
Saturday 06/07
Sunday 07/07

10h-13h : company 1

13h-16h : company 2

16h-18h : company 3

Rehearsals on stage


19h50 - 21h05

Master classes


Performance #1





Performance #2


Short-film screening #1



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